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Environmental Consulting

Although Environmental & +® adjusts to the practice of legal disciplines, it also focuses on creating a space for creativity, communication, the proposal and search for new ideas!

In this way, we seek to adapt to the needs of future clients or non-profit collaborations regardless of the subject, we offer solutions.

Comprehensive legal consulting

Legal and comprehensive advice in different areas of law, specifically in Environmental Law. We also have a group of professionals who can help you. The "Goldsztein & Asociados" Law Firm (specialized in Environmental, Labor, Commercial, and Civil Law) will offer its services and disposition.



Were you fined for not complying with an environmental obligation or because a deadline expired? We offer the preparation and filing of administrative tools such as: discharges, before the administrative authorities. Business commitment and avoiding the environmental impact associated with activities and human development are some of the main drives for #abetterworld.

Environmental Litigation
and more

Nowadays, lawsuits in environmental matters usually have a sensitive and complex treatment. We offer and carry our knowledge in Procedural and Administrative matters. We are looking for the solution, designing a viable plan. Caution and prevention is what will make the difference.

Technical management


Management of permits and compliance with obligations before different Government Organizations (Gas effluents, industrial and urban hazardous waste and more!). Together with Lic. Alfonsina Ponzetti, founder of "Ecoconsultants"
We will accompany you and guide you every step of the way. Environmental monitoring (paying vital attention to expirations, never miss them!). Environmental impact studies.

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