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Argentine Environmental Regulations available for download!

The regulations at your fingertips

Evolution of Environmental Law

Environmental Law in our country is made up of the regulations that regulate natural resources, the activities and the effects that we carry out as human beings for our development and adaptability. That is why four stages can be distinguished in terms of the evolution of the entire regulatory system (a small intro ;) is important):

Minimum budget law for industrial waste
PCBS Minimum Budget Law
LGA minimum budget law
Water Minimum Budget Law
Minimum budget law Public information
Minimum budget law Household waste
Minimum budget law Native forests
Law of minimum budgets burning activity
Glacial Minimum Budget Law
Minimum forest fire budget law
Minimum budget law Climate change

Are you missing environmental dates? We provide this incredible and useful tool for anyone who wants to download it and stay up to date with environmental dates and events throughout the year!

Calendar 2024 Environmentalymas
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