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What is our essence?

Discover about our origins, purpose, mission and much more!

We were born in April 2021 initially as a small initiative on Social Networks, with the hope of communicating about their rights to those interested citizens .

As time went by we realized that the project implied a much greater commitment and, that illusion of communicating about "environmental law" led us to build and think about the inclusion of that "&+" ( read : "and more"), but...

Why "& +"? Environmental law is an interdisciplinary branch, which is why we consider it important to relate it to different social, cultural, economic, scientific issues, among others.





Just as "the truth sets you free," knowing your rights and understanding your obligations as a citizen would be one of the best things that could happen to us, right?
Compliance with laws and respect for our rights in environmental matters produces a change in the paradigm in which we live, being aware as well.

Our purpose is change ! Promote the commitment of society through the creation of entertainment and info content, it is our opportunity! The transition is personal and collective .

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